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I am writing to report great benefits after one week of following the ALCAT recommendations for the 150 food intolerance test. I have been aware of the foods I am allergic to for years and eliminated those foods from my diet. The awesome thing is that the foods on the food intolerance list were different from foods I noticed myself responding allergically to. I had no idea my immune system was intolerant of veggies such as broccolli and fruits like grapes. I always thought, "The more fruits and veggies the better." However, after eliminating the foods on the red and orange lists for one week I have experienced benefits beyond my expectations. My mind is clearer and I am thinking more creatively and with more clarity. I have more physical energy and endurance and am not fatigued as I was a week ago. My digestion is much better. A friend said I look like I'm glowing! Thank you for the great guidance. This was well worth the cost and time and energy it took to do.


Bari from California


Having a chronic cough for over 3 years and going through many tests for my heart, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, and sinus problems, I was diagnosed with asthma and put on the usual medication. After being on asthma medication for 9 months, I ended up in the emergency room two consecutive days where they packed my nose to stop the bleeding.

I had the ALCAT blood test in December 2008 and since January 9, 2009, I have followed the four-day rotation diet. In two days, after being on the diet, I stopped coughing 75-80% and in three days stopped taking my medication for the hiatial hernia an acid reflux. I no longer have heart burn….

I saw my cardiologist for my routine check up two months, one week after I started the diet. I have lost 20 lbs and am now off a total of 4 prescriptions; one of them being a blood pressure medication. My blood pressure has also dropped. The doctor told me if I continue to lose another 20 lbs I will probably be able to go off my other blood pressure and cholesterol medication in 6 months. I also had my routine blood work to check the cholesterol, HDL, LDL triglycerides, and they have fallen to very readings.

I can’t say enough about how I feel now and will continue to stay on the rotation diet. I do not think of this as a diet. There is so much food to choose from daily. You are not hungry and it’s your choice to choose what you want each day.

Thank you!

Carolyn from Indiana

At 220 pounds I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, Adult Onset Asthma, and High Blood Pressure. I was Border Line Diabetic and had Pitted Edema in my legs to the extent I wore support hose for 5 years. My ailments were only out-numbered by the medications I took for them. I started trying to lose weight. Without much support or direction, I tried several nationally advertised well known diet plans. I would lose a little and gain even more. After approximately 3 years of this yo-yo I had gained an additional 32 pounds, and was now at my top weight of 252 pounds. Then I found the ALCAT Test through a book I was reading. Unlike the “diet plans” I had seen before, the ALCAT test spoke of food intolerance and a medical reason why my body was not responding to a healthy diet.

After taking the ALCAT Test, I found my most severe food intolerances were some of the healthiest foods I ate, and I ate them on a daily basis. (Lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and lemons, to name a few). When I started the ALCAT Test Rotation Diet I was sure this was something that could change my life. When I eliminated the foods I was intolerant to I started losing weight almost immediately, an amazing 15 pounds the first 2 weeks. In the following 11 weeks I lost an additional 70 pounds. After approximately 10 days I was able to stop taking all six prescription medications. I lost an incredible 16 inches on my waist line; and went from a 3XL shirt to a medium.

The ALCAT Test is absolutely amazing.

Joe from Fort Lauderdale, FL


Good Morning!

I am 45 years old and have been considered medically obese since the age of 28. When I received the results of my ALCAT test and started the process I weighed 366 lbs. In just three and a half months I now weigh 294 lbs. That is a total weight loss of 72 lbs so far. I am well on my way to reaching my goal of 150 lbs of total weight loss. I have been lucky that up to this point I have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or even a heart condition because of my weight. All three of these conditions run in my family and several members have lost their lives to them.

I have three beautiful children, ages 10, 8 and 7. Along with my beautiful wife they are my world. I have truly been blessed beyond anything I could ever imagine. I must thank my wife, our nutritionist (Judy Poth) and my in-laws for their determination in helping me see this through to the end. I can’t even begin to say how much energy I have. When I started I could hardly go 2 miles on our exercise bike. Now I am doing at least 20 to 25 miles a day! I am very fortunate to have a strong support system at home. My wife has made many changes, especially in finding new ways to cook the foods that I can eat.

I have often dreamed of walking my girls down the aisle when they get married some day or seeing my son graduate from college. Until now those dreams were just that, only dreams. Now, looking to the future I will be able to make those dreams a reality. We share with all our friends and family how the ALCAT test has ultimately saved my life. Thank You!

Good Morning ALCAT Family!

As promised I wanted to send an update on my “life change” progress with the help of ALCAT. When people ask me what “diet” I am on I quickly stop them and say “It is not a diet… it is a life change”. I am now at 279 lbs which brings the weight loss total to 87 lbs. This is absolutely amazing!!!! I have gone down from a 52” pants size to a 44” pants size. I had about a month off of exercise due to knee surgery from a sports accident. Now I am back on the bike and doing my 20 to 25 miles a day. We have been sharing this life altering transformation with anyone who asks or notices a difference in my appearance. We had the test ran for my children and my wife. Somehow my wife found 20 lbs to loose so far and while my kids don’t need to loose any weight, we have noticed a dramatic change in their attitudes. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes how eating the wrong foods would affect their behavior. If you have children who at times can be a little hard to handle my recommendation is to have them tested. The results are amazing and eye opening! Several other friends and family members have had the test done and are now enjoying life to the fullest. I will be forever grateful to everyone at ALCAT. Here are two new pictures of the before and the present. WOW!


Jeff from Ohio

Clinical Diagnosis: Heavy metal toxicity and major gastro-intestinal issues, including leaky gut syndrome.

In August of 2005, after taking a course of antibiotics, I developed an inner weakness and excessive hunger. At the time my family and I thought related to anxiety from upcoming sinus surgery. Following sinus surgery and several courses of antibiotics, my symptoms intensified and included:

…I had brain fog, felt like I had a major hang-over (gross sensation in my head), felt loss of coordination and continuous ringing in my ears. My face was burning, felt numbness in my legs and arms, was eating excessively to feed an enormous hunger, felt rapid fluctuations in my blood sugars, felt like I was in a ‘drunk state’, was symptomatic to refined sugars and carbohydrates and had no energy in my body. Additionally, I felt a massive internal weakness within my body, like my muscles were detached from my bones.

After many medical tests and brief hospitalization over a 6 week period, the medical community could not find anything wrong with me. I continued my search for an answer to my symptoms by visiting with an integrative MD (licensed medical doctor who also uses natural treatments). He ran a blood test for heavy metals and also did a stool test. The tests showed that I had mercury toxicity that was off the charts and fungus/anaerobic bacteria. I was put on a natural treatment to remove the metals and also anti-fungal medications and herbs to kill the anaerobic bacteria. The treatment was working until I ran into issues with a parasitic infection.

ALCAT to the rescue—to start the gut repair process my GI doctor had me do a food allergy test with ALCAT laboratory. The test showed the allergenic foods that I needed to avoid for a 3-6 month period in order to prevent further inflammatory responses that would prevent my gut from healing properly. With the help from ALCAT’s nutritionist I developed a rotational diet from the foods that I was allowed to eat. I also continued with IV therapy treatments and the medicine food supplementation.

By following the diet I immediately noticed that the inflammatory reactions were lessening, as I know longer felt my hernia displaced and the lupus type redness around my nose subsided. Within 5 months I gained back 38 pounds, going from 137 to 175. My gut was now healing and I was on the road to recovery.

Without identifying the trigger foods with ALCAT that kept my gut inflamed I would still be on a treadmill trying to recover my health. I am very thankful for all the help and advice that I received.

Glen from Massachusetts

My son is doing great. He is a picture of health for all of us! He has taken a great interest in health and well-being and has been 'vegan' for about 6 months now. Eats 90% organic foods and has most of his friends eating healthy too!! ALCAT literally saved his life. We often talk about ALCAT, saying that if we never knew about it, Adam (my son) would probably be living on some sort of heart medication now and going through periodic heart testing - when all along the problem was the chemicals he was ingesting (msg specifically). It is a story I tell often!

Trish from Michigan

I wanted to let the staff know what a great job they had done putting this results packet together. I live in rural South Dakota and the information was very easy to understand and to follow, as I have limited resources. I have had improved health after just one week of clearing out the foods that were irritating my system. I have had scratch testing done and was familiar with allergy foods, but this is so much more detailed and the foods that are tested are so much more precise to the internal organs and how they are affected by the foods I eat on a regular basis. I also really liked the informational booklet that went into detail about how to eat good foods instead of my offending ones and what to look for in other foods. I feel this is very worth the cost! Hats off to you all!

Carol from South Dakota

My patient is doing great. We found the test to be very valuable and I am totally sold on ALCAT over the ELISA method I was using before.

Dr. Kevin Passero – Annapolis, MD

We are very pleased with your turn-around-time and your commitment to excellence! I know of a few colleagues of mine that might be interested in running these tests and will be talking to them. We are getting excellent results with are patients and I like our new protocol we are using, whereby we use the ALCAT test to build a customized dietary program for our patients. I have run many food panels from other companies over the past decade. Many of the test results for other testing systems seem to be hit or miss with many of the patients. The ALCAT seems to be dead on when it comes to picking up clinically relevant foods.

Dr. Jason M. Kolodjski, Houston, TX

First of all I want to tell you that this rotation diet has been pretty miraculous for me. I've been fighting Dermatitis for over 2 years now, and it's about 75% cleared up already. I'm really hoping that my clients will take advantage of this wonderful tool to enhance their general health.

Jane, Clinical Nutritionist from Georgia

I am a 65 year old female. With 35 years working in the health care system as a Physical Therapist and teacher, I had always been very active and healthy. About two years ago I started to get signs that something was wrong. The first thing I noticed was mucus in my throat at night, it began to wake me up and I'd be prowling the house at two in the morning. Gradually more symptoms came, I had rashes on my hands and arms, my head felt 'spacy' i.e. mildly drunk, I needed to sleep in the afternoon and felt exhausted, there were joint aches, stomach discomfort, bloating and gas. My doctor did tests and nothing was found. I'm not very good at accepting that there isn't a logical answer so I decided to figure it out myself.

I then found a book on food sensitivities. ALCAT was mentioned in the book and I decided to call directly. I live in Canada and ALCAT is in Florida but the process sounded quite easy. The test kit was sent to me and I had a local pharmacy take the blood, it then went back to Florida by overnight FEDEX. A telephone interview was arranged to discuss the results and the rotation diet. I have to say I was shocked by some of the foods I must avoid. Yeast was there, both brewers and bakers yeast, which I had suspected but so were many of my favorite foods.

Gradually I will be able to integrate many of the foods back into my diet as my immune system recovers, but the few in the severe sensitivity range will be avoided on a permanent basis.

I can't praise ALCAT enough. My symptoms are now almost gone. I'm sleeping all night my brain is clear again and I feel great. Special thanks to Joe Davis and Kathryn Holmes who were very helpful.

Thank you so much,

Celia from Canada

Before receiving the information from ALCAT three to four times per week I would wake up with severe headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

My Dr, gave me compazine for the nausea, and fioricet for the migraine headaches. This would help for the day, but two days later I would have another episode. My blood was sent to ALCAT who sent the results back detailing what I was allergic to. Following the program I am staying away from the foods that you told me I was allergic to. I have had only three small reactions (headaches only) in the past two and three quarter months. I I hope my journey to good health continues.

Eleanore from Ohio

For ten years I have used the ALCAT test in my practice – no other test is as accurate or useful.

Fred Pescatore, MD

Our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4 1/2 years old. However, the behaviors of the disorder were evident much earlier. Up to that time our son was delayed in talking, being potty trained, displaying many of the repetitive Autistic behaviors, and he had tantrums almost daily for up to an hour at a time. We had been told that many Autistic individuals are also allergic to cow's milk, wheat, gluten, dyes, etc. Though very skeptical that foods could be escalating his Autism, we reluctantly decided to try having the Alcat Test done on him. At that point we figured, "What do we have to lose?"

Upon receiving the results of the ALCAT Test, we were initially overwhelmed at the list of reactions to foods, and additives of our son. But we decided we would follow it through, and so we did. We read labels, went to a health food store, whatever needed in order to find alternative foods for him to eat. Through the process of the diet change, absolutely amazing to us was the change in behavior. Our little boy went from his occasional kicking, biting, and daily tantrums, to no tantrums. Though the process of reduced behavior took almost 6-8 weeks, we saw almost immediate change in behavior within the first couple of weeks. We also saw improvement in his alertness and able to stay on task and focus better.

Our son is now 13 years old, is a high functioning Autistic-Asperger individual. He attends a public school and is mainstreamed for some classes, and is in the Special Resource class for others. Much of his class curriculum is modified. We attribute the wonderful progress we have seen in our son through the years with early intervention (a key ingredient). But we also certainly credit the Alcat Test and change in his diet with the dramatic difference we have seen in our son's behavior and alertness. For our son, it was an absolute God-send.

"Thank you" ALCAT!

Cathy from Ohio

"Detection of Food Allergies/Sensitivities, in their broadest definition is always a challenge, because of the numerous immune mechanisms involved. ALCAT testing goes beyond immunoglobulin related techniques, using neutrophil changes to illuminate sensitivities related to a variety of disorders. I have found that some patients’ clinical conditions improve by avoiding foods the ALCAT Test identifies as reactive."

Allan M Dattner, MD

I am so thankful for the results of my ALCAT test. I now know I am not crazy! Last January and February I experienced episodes of Vertigo that caused me to step away from working in our church nursery, not knowing it was Vertigo, but feeling not in control of my body I didn’t want to cause harm to anyone’s precious child. March I experienced the same sensation while sitting in a chair at my office desk. A CT Scan was ordered and the doctor called to say I had a sinus infection, ordered antibiotics. But down deep I felt there was something else going on and I had been feeling this way for a long time, almost like I was watching life go by, but pulling away from participating in it.

In August I had a "visual aura" to a no-pain migraine. Had had migraines since I was in grade school but they were always accompanied by pain. This was new. I started researching and found non-visual aura’s for migraines that had many of my symptoms. By late September I had stopped eating many of the foods I had been keeping at the office for my emergency foods when I wasn’t able to get out to lunch (3-4 times a week) and I was now having "episodes" of my problems, not constant problems. In October I was really tying it to foods and by early November had stopped eating Fruits and Vegetables. Between early November and now I lost over 20 pounds eating breads, potatoes and meat, cookies, drinking water, juices and green teas and once a day drinking a cup of Lipton tea. The weight just fell off. I didn’t not eat, I just didn’t eat what seemed to be causing the confusion, and I now think clearly and can work almost like I use to.

Your test results earlier this month confirmed many of my triggers and others were a huge surprise. I am telling others about your test and sending them to your site. Wish I had heard about your test a year ago, it would have saved a year of anguish. Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy!

Teresa Archer From Oregon

During the past 20 years I have tried many allergy/sensitivity tests and have never found one to equal what I have found with ALCAT. In the very first month of changing my eating habits, I lost 11 lbs. I thought that I had been eating healthy; however, who would know that common “healthy” foods such as peaches and carrots could be triggers for me. Previously I did not notice any change when I would eliminate wheat or sugar individually; but have noticed a huge change in my overall health when identifying and then choosing to eliminate all the foods that trigger my sensitivities. After changing my eating habits and sticking to my new food choices for 5 months I have been able to stop taking Excedrin and have been headache free for a week! This has not happened in 20 years!! I am thrilled.Kim S.

Kim From Bloomington Family Chiropractic

Thank you ALCAT! My experience could not have been more positive from the very beginning. ALCAT staff were incredibly helpful during my research and testing phase. I was experiencing itchy skin and stomach aches on a nearly daily basis, as well headaches and irritable bowel symptoms far too regularly. I am 30 years old. I get exercise, didn’t have weight to lose, I eat a healthy diet and I was already avoiding known food allergies so I was frustrated and didn’t know what was going on. The day I received my results I eliminated my reactive foods from my diet (shocking results to me: blueberries, artichoke, cranberries and more, food I love and ate regularly). I have not had a single stomach ache, headache, or irritable bowel symptom since that day 4 weeks ago! My itchy skin is almost gone. I feel better than I have in years. People tell me I look great. And the most exciting part is knowing that these foods aren’t gone forever; I’ll probably be able to eat most of them without symptoms recurring by following the recommended rotation diet. I am a firm believer and highly recommend the ALCAT test to family, friends, anyone!

Corrin from Washington

I just wanted to let you know my experience so far with the ALCAT results that I received several weeks ago. I have suffered with fibromyalgia, extreme fatigue, migraines and a host of odd neurological symptoms for the past two and a half years. I was forced to take a 7 month medical leave of absence from work. I became deeply depressed and hopeless. I had bloodwork done, MRIs, CAT scans, neurology appointments etc etc etc. Everything came back normal. I was told things were all in my head. I was depressed and miserable. Having the ALCAT test was the best decision I have ever made. I have followed the dietary recommendations 100 percent for the last two weeks. I eliminated my reactive foods. During that time I have had only one migraine. Other than that one time I have had no migraines, no fibromyalgia pain, no neurological symptoms and have lost 4 pounds since I began following the dietary recommendations. I feel like a new person. My sleep is deeper and I wake up feeling rested. I cant tell you how happy and amazed I am. Thank you for the work you all do. It has changed my life in just 2 weeks.

Jennifer from Maine

Our daughter has been taking Ritalin and Paxil for over 5 years to deal with hyperactivity/ADHD as well as other health, concentration and academic issues. The ALCAT test identified numerous foods that we needed to eliminate-such as beef, lemon, grapes and apples. Once we eliminated these foods, we saw a dramatic change with our daughter. Within 24 hours she was much more calm. We slowly weened her off Paxil and Ritalin, and now she is TOTALLY off of these drugs for more than 2 months. The new diet has done wonders.

Dan from Michigan

I took the ALCAT test even though I had no health problems, I just wanted to look and feel even better. After 6 months on the diet dropped 1/2 a shoe size and 3 dress sizes! My strength and endurance has increased dramatically. Friends say my skin and face look years younger. I dropped over 14 pounds and my chloesterol went down almost 70 points!

Jane from California

In the past week since following my four-day rotation diet plan, I have lost SEVEN pounds. At first, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my scale. I checked on another scale and sure enough, the weight loss was correct. I could almost cry from the relief. I am so grateful to you for your help.

Alessana from Florida

My clients have certainly seen results with your ALCAT Test. You may not realize how you have improved the quality of life for many people by making this test available.

Registered Dietitian from Massachusetts

I had the ALCAT test a few months ago and am amazed at the improvement in my digestive problems by omitting the sensitive foods.

Alice from Florida

My husband and I have done the ALCAT test and would like to let others know what great results we have had. I have been on the rotation meal plan for 6 months and my husband for one month. Within three days my husband who suffers from asthma has seen dramatic results. He can breath better than he can ever remember. I have quit after 5 years, my menopause replacement hormones, I no longer have acid reflux, no more sinus headaches or constipation. Our sons have even asked for the ALCAT test as their birthday presents after they saw our results!

Gayle from Texas

This is my second experience with the ALCAT test. The first time I was so excited to have lost weight, felt great and was able to eliminate taking my diabetes and blood pressure medications. This time I lost weight and felt great. I will be 82 years old in August. I dance two or three days per week. No one believes my age.

Zelda from Florida

I just wanted to take a few minutes to just say thank-you. The combination of the ALCAT test and your expertise has given me just the answers I looked for and a plan of action to get my IBS symptoms under control. I have seen many so called specialists, who offered Prescription Drugs, with numerous possible side effects, all to no avail. But now with my results, consisting of definite foods and additives to avoid, I will be able to lead a more normal life. So not only will my symptoms be in check, but the best is the peace of mind you have given me. It truly has been worth every cent paid for this exceptional service, I only wish that more HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS offered the ALCAT test to their patients! Please feel free to share my testimony.

Carlos from Nevada, Captain Major US Airline

I just want to tell anyone who takes the ALCAT test that it is very accurate. I was having headaches in the past and did not know exactly which foods the headaches were coming from. I took the ALCAT test and confirmed that several items I suspected were on my list of intolerant foods. I also found that there were many more on my list and answers were finally there. It was not a guessing game. I have been staying away from these foods for three weeks now and I must say that I feel much better. My headaches stay away as long as I avoid my offending foods. My 9 year old son also did the test. He has an allergy to dust mites which results in asthma. He needs to stay away from milk, wheat and some other foods. His list was not as long as mine. He has been following the guide lines and staying away from intolerant foods. He has decreased his asthma medicine 3 times a day to 2 times a day and sometimes we even decrease the dose by half. I see a wonderful improvement. We are what we eat. In order to feel better and take care of bodies, we need to do the right thing for us. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

Karen from California

Having a chronic cough for over 3 years and going through many tests for my heart, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, and sinus problems, I was diagnosed with asthma and put on the usual medication. After being on asthma medication for 9 months, I ended up in the emergency room two consecutive days where they packed my nose to stop the bleeding.

Going through the above, I decided to find a health nutritionist who could test me for food allergies. I was referred to one through my gynecologist and saw her in December 2008.

I had the ALCAT blood test and since January 9, 2009, I have followed the four-day rotation diet. In two days, after being on the diet, I stopped coughing 75-80% and in three days stopped taking my medication for the hiatial hernia an acid reflux. I no longer have heart burn….

I saw my cardiologist for my routine check up two months, one week after I started the diet. I have lost 20 lbs and am now off a total of 4 prescriptions; one of them being a blood pressure medication. My blood pressure has also dropped. The doctor told me if I continue to lose another 20 lbs I will probably be able to go off my other blood pressure and cholesterol medication in 6 months. I also had my routine blood work to check the cholesterol, HDL, LDL triglycerides, and they have fallen to very readings.

I never thought I would be able to give up sugar, since I felt I was addicted to it. I do not even crave it now!!! My joints do not hurt as much; in fact, I only take nutrients, vitamins, and feel like a different person.

There are other nutrients out there for asthma, which I take and feel 100% better with them than having the side effects from prescription medication.

I can’t say enough about how I feel now and will continue to stay on the rotation diet.I do not think of this as a diet. There is so much food to choose from daily. You are not hungry and it’s your choice to choose what you want each day.

Thank you.


Carolyn Fetkavich

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